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Sand bath in the dunes
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Sand bath in the dunes merzouga sahara
Sand bath in the dunes

The psammatothérapie or arénothérapie or sablothérapie or curative burial in sand called ‘sand bath’ ‘, is an alternative medicine that is for people with rheumatism. This is literally bath of sand, that is to say, is bury a few minutes in the hot sand dunes of Merzouga. ancient practice with many virtues, the sand bath is effective against rheumatism, arthritis, low back pain and certain skin diseases. Merzouga offers its expertise for many years in hospitality and support for “bathers”, so that the sand bath is done under the best conditions. Indeed, this treatment (or game for some) may be made at any time of day, and a prior visit to the doctor Merzouga is required because the sand bath is not to be taken légère.Le sand bath is practiced between June and September when the sand is hotter. The sand bath is a treatment practiced for centuries to combat the pains of rheumatism and other back problems, but also diabetes and over-weight. Look after your back while on vacation in some thalassotherapy, sand is used in the cabin and you are then covered with a layer of sand, heated to 45 ° C and a thickness of a few centimeters. The sand bath made directly in the dunes of the Moroccan desert has a huge advantage, which is that of having no sand to be heated. The most suitable sand baths period is in June and September because it is very hot and the sand is naturally at an ideal temperature of 45 ° C.Il then just dig a hole in the sand and s’ lengthen it. You are then completely buried except the head of course. The treatment lasted about ten minutes at maximum and you are under constant medical supervision because the risk of exposure can be great. Hostel staff ensure a permanent moisture. The beneficial effect of this sablothérapie rests in the heat and the weight of the sand which increases blood pressure and causes soothing heat without causing burns. Toxins are eliminated, like the effect of the sauna, and all the extra fat is eliminated. Leaving the bathroom, not to cool too quickly, you are covered in a heated blanket. Massages and other treatments can improve the care also called arénothérapie. If the sand bath or psammatothérapie is very famous in Morocco and Algeria, it is still very little known in Europe, apart from some Italian Thalasso centers offer this service. Japan also practice this custom since been very longtemps.Chaque, Merzouga experiencing a large influx of tourists from seeking care and the solutions they do not always find with traditional medicine. The principle of air flowing between the sand grains will transfer the heat received from the sun without causing burns despite the high thermal degree. Infrared rays are stored in the sand returned to the person well beyond his skin to detoxify the body and melt fat.

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